No Opting Out

Ten years ago, my mother-in-law said she was done with doctors. She had her reasons, among them a distrust for the tests and co-pays generated by each visit, usually without any changes in her care or condition. At age eighty-three, she was still driving and living independently. She was physically robust, and when her doctor … Continue reading No Opting Out


Two Months

It has been more than two months since I underwent surgery. Last week, the cardiologist’s office informed me that I needn’t return for a year. I haven’t seen the surgeon since a day or two after surgery. He was pleased with his handiwork, confident that I’d be a hash mark on the column of his … Continue reading Two Months

Morbidity and mortality: a vocabulary

Let's start with some definitions. Morbidity: the quality or state of being morbid; especially : an attitude, quality, or state of mind marked by excessive gloom; a diseased state or symptom : ill health (see definition) Mortality:  the quality or state of being mortal; the number of deaths in a given time or place (see definition) For those who … Continue reading Morbidity and mortality: a vocabulary