Two Months

It has been more than two months since I underwent surgery. Last week, the cardiologist’s office informed me that I needn’t return for a year. I haven’t seen the surgeon since a day or two after surgery. He was pleased with his handiwork, confident that I’d be a hash mark on the column of his … Continue reading Two Months


Health Care & Global Sustainability

How do choices about health care relate to global sustainability? Our global population increased by 400% during the 20th century.  The rate of the increase has slowed, but that only means that our population is increasing more slowly. The population is still growing. The World Population clock estimates that just over 73,000 people are added … Continue reading Health Care & Global Sustainability

Morbidity and mortality: a vocabulary

Let's start with some definitions. Morbidity: the quality or state of being morbid; especially : an attitude, quality, or state of mind marked by excessive gloom; a diseased state or symptom : ill health (see definition) Mortality:  the quality or state of being mortal; the number of deaths in a given time or place (see definition) For those who … Continue reading Morbidity and mortality: a vocabulary